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ABS Light on, Replaced sensor still on?

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Hi, I replaced the left front sensor about a month ago after the light came on, Everything was fine for about a month now I am getting the same code for the same side, I replaced it with a Factory Sensor. Any Ideas? the ABS Sensor wheel looked fine. Thanks
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check the wiring from the sensor to the control unit. if ok replace the control unit.
WHich part is the control unit? How hard is that to change? Best price to get the unit?

Thanks, All the wiring and everything else looks good.

if you only have abs dtc 13 and

if it the tone wheel is ok(no low spots, material on it, air gap is good) and

the sensor is confirmed good(measure resistance of the right front sensor and compare it to the new sensor, should be reasonably close) and

the wiring to the control unit measure proper resistance(typically no more than .1 ohm) and do not have continuity to ground

then replace the control unit (behind driver side kick panel 4cyl or pass side kick panel v6) although exact year, body style and engine would help me give you exact information if you need it.
2002 Accord 2 door 5 speed leather and I think Calli emissions. Thanks
I put another NAPA sensor on the car and code is gone, New Honda sensor went bad after a month, One Napa bad out of box, New Napa seems to be working.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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