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Hello. Got a 7gen v6 auto and swapped it with:
j32a3 with auto harness from auto TL
3.7 TB and IM with butterfly delete
underdrive crank pulley
ECU from 04 TL 6 speed
ECU sub-harness from accord 05 6 speed
6 speed manual from an accord
LSD added
Knuckles and Brembo caliper from TL Type S

The car has been running fine for the past 6 years.
My issue is that it did lose abs and TCS after the 6-speed swap. (j32a3 was swapped later)
My mechanic couldn't communicate or do anything with the abs with his tools.
I then installed the Brembo brakes with the whole knuckles and sensors from a working tl type S.. but that didn't work either.

Is my auto harness on the engine missing something or I have to change something else for it to work?
Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
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