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I recently fixed a leak on the high pressure hose of my AC system. I cut out the section of the aluminum pipe that had a leak and put the pipe back together using a compression coupler. I went ahead and recharged the system using a vacuum pump and AC gauge manifold. I put in about 15.5oz of refrigerant, which is within the manufacturer recommended range of 15 - 16.3 oz. I also included about 2oz of PAG46 oil. Everything seemed to be working fine and the car was cooling about 30 degrees below ambient temperature. However, I noticed on the AC gauge manifold that the low pressure side consistently reads too low while the high pressure side reads too high. For example, it is currently 81 degrees outside. The pressure on the low side reads 35 PSI while the high side reads 275 PSI!

Second symptom:
While the AC cools just fine at relatively lower temperatures (60-85 degrees), it barely cools at high temperatures. I observed that the compressor keeps turning on and off at about 15 second intervals when the temperature outside is really high i.e. 90 degrees and above. At lower temperatures, the compressor runs constantly. I scanned the car using an Autel MaxiCOM 808 and didn't get any trouble codes related to the AC unit.

I haven't been able to find others with a similar situation. Any suggestions on likely problems or diagnostic procedures are welcome. I will also be happy to provide more information on the issue.
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