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Accord 08 Temperature and Fuel guage

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Hi there,

I am having a problem with my 08 accord. It seems that the needles for temperature and fuel guages have "fallen below" what one would expect to be their normal resting position. When i turn my car off, the fuel guage needle which should be pointing to "E" mark actually rotates all the way back until it almost touches the trip reset button. Similarly the temperature guage is way off its resting position. When the engine is heated up the Temp guage needle does move but it is not showing the correct indication since its starting position was not correct, similarly when the fuel tank is full the gas guage needle only goes up half the way.

Anyone has any idea what the problem maybe?

I have tried running the front panel diagnosis and the the drive circuit seems to be working fine.

sorry for my bad english
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When the dealership plugs in to you car they'll be able to run the gauge function test that will move all the needles over their full range.

It sounds like the pegs broke off your gauge cluster?
oh yeah, how about doing a gauge sweep, OP?

here are the directions (worked for me too, if I can find MY video, I'll upload it to Dropbox or something):

1. Press and hold the odo button.
2. Turn the lights to the parking light position.
3. Turn the ignition ON.
4. Turn the parking lights OFF, ON, and OFF.
5. Within 10 seconds of turning the ignition on, rapidly press the odo button 3 to 4 times.
6. All lights flash and the gauge needles sweep full right and rest at full left. To repeat the gauge sweep, just press the odo button again.
7. The beeper should sound when the VSA and various cruise buttons are pressed and released.
8. To exit this mode, turn the ignition off.

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