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ActnJksn's Tinkering

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Brief Intro:
Name is actually Jackson, from Canada.

First car : 2003 Mazda Protege 5, 5 speed. Daily driver and 6 years of open track days. Totaled by inattentive driver.

Second Car : 2000 Acura Integra GS 5 speed. Did my own S2K HID retrofit. Sold.

Third Car : 2000 Saturn Astra VR 5 speed. Sold for 2016 Honda Fit.

Fourth Car : 2016 Honda Fit CVT. Totaled by inattentive driver.

Fit build thread : Action Jackson's Tinkering - Honda Fit

The Fit had a lot of little non-common mods which I am going to transfer over to my 2015 Accord:

Accord build will not be for performance.
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Savanini Throttle Body Spacer
Notice any difference on anything? Do you document fuel mileage etc? Any Dyno runs before/after?

Throttle body spacers Some sites say small gains, some say loss of low end. Like many "cold air intakes" they make a difference in the sound but not others parts. Some low restriction and CAI do provide more power but only at full throttle and higher rpm. I had tried a K&N on my Corolla. Blackstone labs picked it up on my next used oil analysis as a lot more dirt (silica) and asked if I had a performance filter or to verify correct install or post filter leaks. I went back to stock, less dirt + better life for me. Never noticed any performance or MPG gains on that.
Details???? Purchased wheel or just cover? Installed yourself?

Looks very thick now. What is the diameter now for hands?
They all look good. Nice job!
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