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Hey, not trying to spam this forum but I just wanted to make a clarification as I'm trying to build my accord and replace its parts that need to be replaced.

Concerning the suspension, I've heard about people who find acura TLX (04-08) suspensions and they fit well into the accord (03-07) 7th generation.

For the 2007 accord I've heard people opt for the 07 suspension from the TLX.

Anybody here can tell me about that and if people just opt to get the whole suspension replaced with a TLX suspension and for what reason?
Would it be a good idea to find a TLX oem suspension and put it in my accord, and put a nice coilover in? Something like
If I'm willing to put in the money?
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The Tien struts for the 04-08 TL and 03-07 Accord are literally the same part number. However, the Accord front struts use a slightly different mount design, the Tien struts can fit both, but you’d need to use Accord top mounts on struts designed for the TL.
TSX suspension is slightly different, but still fits if you change the bushings or something?
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I would need to use accord top mounts for struts designed for the TL?.. So struts designed for the TL wouldn't work on TL Top mounts? No idea what to get from this.
If you wish to use TL struts on the Accord, you need to use Accord top mounts, unless the struts are compatible with both the TL and Accord.
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You had me but then lost me there. So.. Accord and TL top mounts are different because of the weight differences. If I ask the aftermarket, they will give me the same part#'s because aftermarket parts are built to handle wider range in weight AKA HONDAS AND TLS in this case.

So I'm still not understanding, are the honda top mounts not good here because they are not made to handle the weight differences when changing to aftermarket struts? And that's why I need TL top mounts? Because TL top mounts are made to account for them and therefore have no problem with the Tien Flex Z struts??
Struts and top mounts are two separate parts.
The top mount attaches the strut to the car.
The Accord and TL use the same (mostly) struts, but different top mounts.
If you wish to install TL struts on an Accord, you must attach the TL strut to an Accord mount.
Aftermarket struts (like the Tien flex) use a top mount that fits in both the Accord and TL, to save money.
Tien struts come with top mounts.
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