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I just replaced the brushes in my 2018 1.5T Accord at 124k miles. The brushes are 10.5mm new and the service limit is 1.5mm. Mine were down to about 5mm which is about 39% remaining life. My Accord has mostly highway miles on it so if you do a lot of city driving your brushes could possibly be worn more at that mileage due to having more engine revolutions for the same mileage. The brushes only cost about $10 from online Honda parts dealers and are pretty straightforward to replace.

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However, getting the alternator out on these 10th Generation Accords is much harder than it was on my old 7th Gen. The alternator is on the back of course and the Honda service data recommends removing the exhaust pipe and then taking the alternator out through that opening. However, getting the exhaust off is always a pain (at least here in the rusty Northeast) and usually involves cutting off fasteners and replacing them which is a pain. I thought I could sneak the alternator out through the back left of the engine if I took off a bunch of stuff (wire harness, protective shield on gas line junction, etc.) but I couldn't get it out that way. However, I did eventually find out that I could remove it from the top but on the other side of the engine by the battery. You do have to take out some stuff (battery, battery tray, intake air box) to make enough room, but I think it is still a lot easier than having to take off the exhaust pipe. I'd love to hear if you have other thoughts or experience in the matter.

I made the following video of the process in the hopes that it might be helpful to other Honda DIYers. Let me know if you have any questions. I should also note, that it is also possible to change the brushes without removing the alternator. But it is in a pretty tough spot to access so I chose to remove the alternator to make the process a little easier.

Wow, thank you so much for the video
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