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An Accord Drives Through It

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I recently decided to make a thread dedicated to my ’07 2015 Accord. three years after I bought it. So, this first post will be playing catch-up, at least on the major points.

(The title of the thread is based on Norman Maclean’s novel “A River Runs Through It”, which is set in western Montana in the 1920’s.)


EDIT 2/1/23: The 7th gen Accord I had was wrecked in June of 2021. I replaced it with a 2015 Sport today.
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Congratulations on the purchase. Looks like you got a pretty nice one. Certainly cleans up well.

It has a strut tower brace. I’ve never had a car with one.
Me neither, until I got my 2012. Can't say I can feel any difference with it being there, but there's also a ton of other variables at play.
Catching up on some posts. Finding a dealer maintained vehicle is definitely nice. Dealer maintenance is expensive, but the people who are willing to pay for it usually end up with nice vehicles due to the overmaintenance that dealers push. My Accord wasn't exclusively dealer maintained by any means but it definitely saw the dealer fairly regularly.

That's interesting about the body plugs. First I've ever heard of that. I usually agree with the idea of Honda intending for things to be there, though I do still leave some room for interpretation for items like the rotor screws.

so I guess I have 2.5w-20 in there now.
Hey, that's my line:
1 - 2 of 325 Posts