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An Accord Drives Through It

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I recently decided to make a thread dedicated to my ’07 2015 Accord. three years after I bought it. So, this first post will be playing catch-up, at least on the major points.

(The title of the thread is based on Norman Maclean’s novel “A River Runs Through It”, which is set in western Montana in the 1920’s.)


EDIT 2/1/23: The 7th gen Accord I had was wrecked in June of 2021. I replaced it with a 2015 Sport today.
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My V1 G2 has given me a heads up so many times I lost count. I’m mostly with traffic but do get the open road areas with very few cars to be ahead.

I used to use the Garmin GPS, but it’s REALLY old and maps are not updated. It's too small to accept the updates. I usually use WAZE on my phone now, possibly Google maps at times.

So many WAZE users and they plug in Police, accidents, cars on side of road, road debris. I use it everyday just going to work and coming home.

Like you, on longer trips, old school paper atlas makes the trip. Normally it’s in my car anyway in the trunk.

I got caught up in the “wrong area” when there were multiple “peaceful protests” shutting down roads/highways/bridges around Bridgeport CT. I was towing a trailer with the Pilot. Told my son to pull up Google map satellite view so he could zoom in and not get us stuck accordingly. Lots of industrial parks with dead ends and no turn arounds. Waze was no good, Atlas doesn’t cover the local side roads. He zoomed in on a route and we expedited the exit of the area.

I installed a USB power port on left side of dash and I use an i-Ottie windshield mount in low left that you can see pretty easy peripheral vision. Keeps my eyes on road instead of looking out of the way. A 1ft power cord reaches and keeps it charged.

No concealed display on my V1. It sits next to my mirror.

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In it's last year or so with me, my old Valentine (gen 1) was darn near useless with all the forward collision, lane keeping and other radars polluting the roads. They really did some hot-shot engineering on this new one, it stays silent most of the time now. With built-in Bluetooth, updates are easy if you have an Android or Apple unit. I have both but can't use either. One is company-owned and locked down every which way, and the iPod is too old to run the latest Valentine app that enables updates via Bluetooth. If only I could use my laptop...

My Garmin has lifetime map updates, so once a year I download the latest. I had to add a memory card to it though; someday even that won't be enough.
Have you tried WAZE on your phone?

The V1 G2 is definitely much better. I had all the same issues with forward collision, lane keeping and other radars. Still get some but so much better.
Finally - no more startup rattle!

I have not tried Waze, don't really have a need for it in my daily drives. It is somewhat surprising that we can get that on our corporate phones.
321 - 324 of 324 Posts