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Hi everyone -

Frequent reader and first time poster here.

I have a question regarding the 9th gen's ANC system. I recently purchased a used 2013 Accord EX-L V6 AT Coupe, and noticed that I do experience quite a bit of engine noise at lower RPM range (1,000 - 3,000). This is especially true with the VCM "boom" around 1,500/1,800 RPM. When VCM activates, I hear a very noticeable hum until I either press harder on the gas or apply less pressure on the pedal. I also do experience a loud engine or exhaust hum at various RPMs.

Is there any way to confirm that ANC is on and actively working? I have tried to research this question, but I found that most, if not all, threads discuss inactivating or unplugging ANC, and not testing to make sure it is on.

Part of me thinks that this noise is elevated because ANC is not helping to reduce the frequencies. I have gone into the Developer's Menu and when going into the "ANC Diag" setting, it was set to off. I set it to "on" and heard the 30 second hum through the speakers/subwoofer, and then the sound went away. When restarting the car and going back to the "ANC Diag" setting, it had automatically switched back to "off". Does this setting enable/disable ANC, or is it just a way for the mechanics to test the system?

Thanks so much everyone
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