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! And vsa light come on, car slows down

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Hi everyone, new here. Just wanted to see if I could get help with a problem. Lately my car has been having a problem where the !, vsa, and engine lights turn on and then the car acts up. I could put my whole foot down on the pedal but it won't drive any faster than 15mph. Before I would just turn th car off and and turn it back on and it would be fine, wouldn't happen again. But just earlier this morning when I was driving to work it happened and even though I turned the car off/on the problem would occur again.

Wondering if anyone had any idea what's going on?
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Probably best to take it into a dealer or mechanic and have it checked out as the check engine light is coming on. VSA just turns off traction control which has nothing to do with limiting the cars power. There is a VSA button on the dash left of the steering wheel, which you need to push down for about 3 seconds to turn on and off.
If it's going into limp mode (won't drive any faster than 15mph), take the car in and have it checked out, or get the code for the CEL (check engine light) to see what's going on.
If your under warranty.. Take it in.
If not scan it for codes ..if you don't have a scanner, take it to autozone or advanced auto parts,they do cel readings for free.

Post the codes and we'll see what the culprit might be.
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