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Anyone have AVS window visors?

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Hey guys.
First rain storm since I've had the Accord, and it became obvious why visors are a near necessity for 7th gens.
It seems to me that in channel rain guards would be a better choice than the stick-on kind (correct me if I am wrong here) but I don't know if I want to spend the $100 plus shipping for the weather tech visors, and I don't quite trust the $20 ebay specials.
The AVS ones seem like a good middle ground.
Anyone have these? How is the quality/fitment?
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I slapped the 20$ ones on my coupe and had no issues. The double sided tape was crap so I peeled it off and used my own 3m tape instead, but other than that its just a hunk of plastic.
Do the inchannel ones scratch the top of your window because you are now removing the soft rubber that normally holds the window to hard plastic. If you get dirt or debris up there I can see that being a problem.

I think the stick on ones look just fine as long as you mount them properly AND you dont have chrome trim. If a car has chrome trim around the windows, it then looks dumb to cover it in one section with the black visors. This is the only time I would use the in channel ones so that you can keep the aesthetics flowing like stock.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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