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Hi guys !! hope you are doing fine, this is my first oficial post after presenting my self :)

(sry about my english, ill try my best)

i wanted to share with you the set up for the sedan.

im not experienced on the audio world, so please those who know something about and want to share your thoughts i will be glad to read them.

first of all, i wanted to maintain the stock head unit, i really love the way it looks and how it matches with the interior, dont really like how a double din looks like, so i first figured how to make a high output from the oem stereo turn into a pre amplified signal so i can send it to an amplifier .. so, i got a Line Output Converter, its not the best (i live in argentina, and its sometimes dificult to reach some equipment, not to tell that everything is reaaaaly expensive) so .. this is what i got ..



i know its not the best .. but lets give it a try .. i think i might do de job ..

then i decided y wil have 2 pair of components, and 2 subs ..

for the components, i went with the Rockford Fosgate P1650 .. after seeing a few reviews i decided they were ok for what im looking for .. im not building nothing to fancy so i think they will work just fine .. and really love the wey they look .. its a shame they wont be seen ..



and to move these 2 guys i decided to go with an Alpine BBX f1200 ..



moving on ..

for the subs, i used to have a cb7 (i miss him) .. and before i sold it i took the subs and the amplifier out for some future proyect .. and its the time to use them ..


and these is what i got ..

MTX TD 1000.1D monoblock and 2 pioneer TSW305

they are kinda old stuff but .. its worth the try ..


thats i think most of the heavy equipment i got so far !!

then of course all the hardware .. going with some 4gauge audiopipe from the baterry to the DS18 distribution block at the trunk, i have to get a few ft of 8gauge to run to the amps, then a few ft of audiopipe speaker wire for all the other stuff ..


ok guys .. thats what i got !!

as i mentioned before .. i am not even close to someone who knows about audio .. but i did some research and thats what i came up with !!

i am open to here opinions and sugestions !

thnx !!
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