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Hello all, newbie here. Just got the 2013 honda accord ex-l and was quite disappointed in the audio so i am looking to upgrade.

Here is what i have bought with a couple different options

Option 1:
Polk audio db6501 font
Polk audio db651 rear
Rockford fosgate pbr300x4
Audiocontrol lc6i
DB Link PK4Z 4 Gauge Power Series Amplifier Installation Kit

Option 2
Polk audio db6501 font
Polk audio db651 rear
Polk audio da5000.5 amp
Alpine swr823d freeair sub
Audiocontrol lc6i
DB Link PK4Z 4 Gauge Power Series Amplifier Installation Kit

I started with just installing the component db6501 in the doors (i only did the passenger side) ran to HU only and i could barely hear anything...they almost sounded like laptop speakers or headphones that were turned up way loud. I hooked into the door speaker and ran via harness to the crossover and from crossover ran to tweeter and door. Did i do something wrong? Why did it sound like crap?

So i am going to place the lc6i and amp in the trunk somewhere and run from there.

Here is my plan for install:

Run power from battery into the grommet by dead pedal and down drivers side into the trunk to the amp/lc6i

Run 8 16 gauge speaker wires up the passenger side 4 to drivers door and 4 to passenger door. Once there i will connect 2 wires via harness to stock door speaker hookup and 2 wires to crossover and run tweeter and door speaker from crossover. The 8 wires will connect to amp speaker outputs and lc6i inputs

I will run 8 wires to rear 4 left 4 right which will run back to amp/lc6i

I will run remote ground from fuse box drivers side via add a fuse, down passenger side

I will connect ground to bare metal in trunk (suggestions welcomed

Which amp do you recommend? If i do polk amp then i will run the swr-823d sub freeair in the deck, i saw someone do this and it looked nice.

If i do the rockford fosgate then i will do the front and rear speakers only

Do i need power and ground to the lc6i? If so can i just use a distribution block and split the power from the battery?

What exactly does the lc6i do? Would i be better off just using a line converter for $40?

Sorry for all the questions, i just dont want to mess up a new car with 28 miles on it

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