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2009 V6-L w/ automatic climate control
Florida with temperatures 88 - 98 (per dash display)

AC is...
- ice cold when I set it to 65 - 70 on auto.
- sometimes cold when set 73 - 75 (perception could be because of stupid heat outside)

AC stops blowing cold when...
- I change the temperature after turning it up. E.g. if it turns on at 67 and I change it to 70, cold air does not blow again
- I change from auto to increasing the fan speed. Just fast moving car-temp air blows

To get it to work again, I have to turn off the AC entirely and let it sit. One song is about long enough. Then, it turns on nice and cold again. This is not the AC cycling on and off. I have suffered for 30 minutes (tested my entire commute) to see if the AC would blow cold again if powered up the entire time. It would not. But, as stated above, if I leave it off (no fan/nothing) for 3 - 5 min, ice cold air comes out again.

Sometimes I can go from auto to defroster and back to auto. I cannot discern a pattern. (I use defrost because Florida nights = humidity = can't see sh*t sometimes).

================All of the above is when the AC starts in the AUTO position==============

I am working on the affects of changing the temp with just the fan on high and AC on but not on Auto.

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Have you topped off the refrigerant? Low levels can make the condenser act weird. It's hard to purge it and refill it (EPA) but it's another consideration. Is the thermostat uncovered? Check the tension on the serpentine belt.
The reason I ask about the serpentine belt: my car, as I write, is on a flatbed on its way to the shop I use. I had the 100k maintenance done last week, which includes changing belts. AFter the work, I noticed the compressor was louder than I remembered when it cycled on. This (Tues) evening, on a freeway of course, suddenly the AC got hot, the battery light came on and the the power steering crashed. Serpentine belt was very slack.
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