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Hello all,

Sorry I have been missing in action.
We just had a baby girl of all things.

Long story short, my 09 Accord 2.4l 101k miles manual K24Z3 timing chain broke on a motorway a few months ago 馃洠 Believing it to be beyond a rebuild.

I have tried to source a reasonably priced replacement for as long.

I have found a complete auto K24Z3 engine for sale at a very reasonable price delivered.

My question is will it mate comfortably to my manual 6 speed gearbox bar changing the flywheel and would there be another complications with the engine swap or just plug and play?

The chassis shell is too good and I love the look of the car, it just needs the bonnet and boot resprayed and some leather repaired in the seats.

All expert advice would be so much appreciated. Donor engine is coming out Monday.

Sorry if in wrong section.

Thanks in advance.
Jon from UK


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Should be just plug n play. Especially if it came out of another UK car.

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Europe's Accord is really the US Acura TSX of that era. It might be good to ask the same in a TSX forum. But it should be the same same engine, in terms of hardware.
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