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Axle leak going into transmission housing AT

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Hi All,

Have been a lurker for a while and have found great help on these forums, but I have an issue I haven't quite found a direct answer too yet it seems it may be common. I have a 2008 ex-l auto v6 with 86k that developed a trans fluid leak.

I have a leaking axle on the passenger side transmission housing where the shaft enters the transmission.(Pic 1). This is the first I have noticed fluids from my car started about a week ago.

The CV join may have leaked at somepoint but I haven't seen any fluid until now and it doesn't seem fresh fluid is coming form there.(Pic 2)

I explained to Honda my problem and got the part in (pic 3).

A couple questions,
1. is the part I purchased the correct part?
2. If I am doing the work, would it make more sense to buy the whole assembly, if so from where? Link if you have it.
3. Once the shaft is out anything I should look for, bearings, wear?
4. I am more than comfortable wrenching my own cars. But most of my experience with transmission have been RWD maunual transmission cars. What type of job am I getting into? Should I just have someone else do it.

Honda quoted me $350 over the phone but when they said it was a $15 dollar part I couldn't in good conscience pay them to do it.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

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Im going to tackle this job this morning. It actually looks like it should be pretty straight forward. The CV shaft and halfshaft meet at a mount so in theory I may be able to disconnect the cv shaft from the other half shaft without breaking the axle nut loose to full remove the CV shaft. I will post pics of the process after.
So it looks like the oil seal on where the CV axle goes into the transmission is leaking. I have never replaced one, but once you have the Axle out of the way it should not be to hard to replace. The hard work is removing and reinstalling the axle without damaging the CV boots. If the boots are dry or cracking I would replace the boots while I had the axle out. I am guessing you will need to remove the axle completely to get this seal in.
I know this is an old thread but I am currently having the same problem with the exact same car. My confusion is with (what I am calling) the secondary inner shaft. It looks like there is a CV shaft with a CV joint on each end that runs outboard of another shaft that goes into the engine on the passenger side. My only experience with half shafts is removing/replacing one in my old 1993 Accord and it only had one shaft on the passenger side.

My assumptions for this car (2008 V6) are as follows;
If I get the CV shaft out, I believe it will just pull off the inner shaft. Then I think I should be able to just pull/pry the inner shaft out. After that I should be able to just replace the seal. I wish I could see the Honda procedure for this. Does what I said make sense? Does anyone have the Honda procedure for doing this?
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