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B3 Service appeared and disappeared

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The maintenance minder in my 2006 Accord (4 cyl, 85,000 miles) came on with the B1 code since I was due for an oil change. A few days later the code changed to B13 meaning I also needed a transmission fluid drain and fill. One day later the code changed back to just B1 without me resetting anything.

Is it unusual for the code to disappear like that?

I am going to replace the transmission fluid when I do the oil change. Do people usually replace the filter, or is that not necessary?
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Odd . . . my MM has never done that. Does your car have a history of being indecisive? (fuel type, what tires to wear, how to put on its wax today)

Joking aside, you're smart to just do the drain and refill. The fluid for one D+F is 20-30 bucks, and a transmission is $3,000. Risk/reward favors the preventative maintenance heavily. A lot of folks on here like to do the D+F more often than the MM calls out for this reason.

I did the inline filter with a D+F at 136,000. It's technically never called out in the service manual, but again, for $15, I thought it was worth being cautious. A lot of us have used an aftermarket magnefine filter, since it provides better filtration than the OEM one. If you search, you'll find details. That said, with 85k, you can probably wait until your next D+F for this.
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