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My 2006 Honda Accord V6 Transmission Rebuild: BAYA Style!

So back in February, 2013, I was driving the sporty Accord home after a productive day at my job. As I cruised to a speed of 40 MPH a loud BOOOM came from the engine area, and subsequently, the car's front wheels locked-up, literally! I found myself on a semi-busy street nearly being slammed into by an approaching Ford F-350. I was in disbelief momentarily..."Did I just break my baby?...Did I hit a deer?"

After a day I was able to take a look and discovered the car ONLY moved forward and ONLY in Neutral position on gear-shift and never shifted into second gear. Now, thinking a transmission is a task I do not wish to undertake, I elect to drive it (going only 20 MPH as this was all first gear allowed) to Superstition Springs Honda in Mesa, AZ. The Service Advisor, Petr, said he would have his wrench monkey have a look at it and also replace the Power Steering hose which was a recall issue a few years ago. ( I had already replaced the hose myself, but Honda Corporate denied reimbursement as it was not initially done by one of their Service Centers). After 2 days, Petr notifies me that my car has suffered "Catastrophic Internal Transmission Failure" ( shit!?!) In short, he said he would speak with our good ol' friends at Honda Corporate to inquire about any good-faith repair work that may be possible as the Accord transmissions were notorious for failures of this magnitude. He came back with a displeasing answer, but not unexpected. Given the 244,000 miles on the car, Honda declined any assistance with repair...which I was OK with! But what he said next is what really pissed me off!! He informed me that Honda would drop in a REBUILT transmission with 3 year/36K mile warranty to the tune of $5200. I almost fell over with laughter! "..Hell, I could put $5200 down on a Nissan 350Z.." We both looked at each other in amazement and I returned to my car and drove off the 20 MPH.

Over the next few days, I gathered some quotes to have the unit rebuilt, replaced or to accomplish the task myself! And here are the results in brief: Rebuilt and installed-1 yr warranty= $2800; Used Transmission with 100k miles= $1195; Rebuild myself= $527 +labor+knowledge!

SO, yes, I decided to rebuild it myself. Already had the service manual and the V6 supplemental from Helm, 300 gallon Craftsman Pro Series compressor, Air Tools, hydraulic jacks, the help of my break-taking buddy. I had done plenty of research in the manual, looking at exploded diagrams from,; information from, YOUTube, specifially this video <Hiram> and valuable information from Bob over at Parts Authority in Mesa, AZ (

Hardest part about the removal was not completely removing the sub-frame in the front end and having to maneuver the transmission over it with a rolling jack. Disassembly took place over the course of 3 weeks. I took my time and marked and bagged every part, bolt/hardware associated with it and video taped each step for reference upon re-assembly (this actually proved valuable!) Once the unit was completely disassembled, each part was immersed in solvent for hours, dried and blown with compressed air. I then utilized a micrometer and vernier caliper to measure the steels, thrust washers and other tolerance-precise components. This was important as comparing the old parts to the new replacement parts was critical to the 1/1000th of an inch.

I discovered the culprit of the well-phrased "Catastrophic Internal Transmission Failure"—The low-hold clutch frictions and steels had become so hot that they literally melted and were fused together (sic). Aside from the burned clutch basket and slightly burned 1st clutch assembly, the rest of the transmission was in good shape.

Upon seperating the transmission case from the torque converter housing, I managed to bend the shaft arm ($32) and snap the detent arm ($28)

See the videos on my YouTube channel.
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