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I live in Watertown, MA, about 6 miles west of Boston. I have a 2017 Sport SE that I bought used at about 6k miles, after having a previous brand new 2017 Sport SE get totalled at 3k miles in an accident (minor).

I have about 14k on the car now. I noticed that when I start at an highway on-ramp in Sport mode from a low speed or being stopped at the ramp yield sign, under high throttle and then shift to Drive once I merge onto the highway,
that I am getting an extremely strong sulfur smell from the exhaust. This also seems to happen on the highway doing some medium acceleration lane changes. To me, this would seem to imply a problem with the catalytic converter, or the fuel controls, but I am not getting any check engine light. The car was owned by an employee at a NY Honda Dealership before he traded it, so it is possible he might have had the mechanics fool with something, but short of him reflashing the main computer mapping, I can't think of what possibly could be going on. I do get crummy mileage, even accounting for heavy stop and go in crowded Boston. With the Eco mode button on most of the time, I am seeing Trip A around 20 mpg. I do not remember what kind of mileage I got with my original new Sport SE.

My previous brand new Sport SE did not exhibit this sulfur smell at all. I've tried different brands of gas, but it makes no difference.

In any case, I then have to take the car to a Stealership Service Dept, as this should be a warranty item.

Most of my previous cars were used and out of warranty so I either fixed them myself, or brought them to a competent independent garage.

I have zero experience with the service departments at any of the local Honda dealerships. I had my last oil change done at an independent garage
with Mobil 1 and the better model of the Oem Honda oil filters, supplied to the garage by me.

So does anyone on the forum know the best (least bad) Honda dealership service department inside or outside RT 128???
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