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Sandy Eggo
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I seem to have the typical problem of getting a CD stuck in my CD changer.

What's the best and fastest way to remove a CD when it gets stuck without risking damage to the changer?

So far the most efficient way I've found:

1. Get an old "hotel key card" (you could also probably use a credit card) and putting a piece of "red 3M double sided sticky tape" on it.

2. Hit the eject button on the changer.

3. CD tries to eject but doesn't make it out of the changer.

4. Carefully insert credit card with tape piece facing DOWN into changer. The card should go in above the CD so the bottom part of the card (with the tape) is facing down.

5. Press down on card letting the bottom part of the card (with tape) stick to the CD.

6. Pull out CD (it takes a bit of effort! These CD's really get stuck in there!)

Tip: It will feel like pulling a splinter out. There will be a bit of resistance but it will be "smooth resistance."

Tip 2: Any double sided sticky tape may work, but I find the "red 3M tape" works the best. The only downside is it is expensive.

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all that I do is get another cd and insert about 1/4 way and hit eject. That cd comes out the one in the unit also comes out....
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