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I own a Accord 1996 for 3 years and so far the repair I made on it are by a personal mechanics who charge 30$/hour:
- Front brake pad + disc
- front ball joints
- Brake master cylinder

BUT I just discovered other repairs for my Accord 1996 (240,000 KM) need to be done

Repair 1 (urgent): oil leak in the spark plug , 3 of 4 of my spark plug had oil leak
in them, and 2 of them is pretty bad, the plug is almost swimming in the oil , estimated repair by my mechanics : labor : 30$, parts: 30$ = TOTAL 60$

Repair 2 : brake line are rusted but not leaking. This is a coming repair to be done since it is a important one to do since security is involved.
I dont have the price, but from search on the net, between 400-600$

So my questions are :

Q1 - Keep my car and repair the 2 problems and hope no other main issues with pop up ??

Q2 - Sell this car and buy a new used one ??

Q3 - How hard and difficult to change the 3 set of gasket (spark plug tube seals, lower O-ring , and cylinder head cover ) for someone who never worked on an engine ???

Q4 - How difficult is it it change the brake line as a DIY project ?

Thanks for your input !

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Brake lines rust. At least, they were all rusted on my 99 Civic. Lot of road salt is used here in the winter.

Easy fix: rerun new brake lines next to the old ones. All you need is brake line on a reel, fittings and a flare tool.

Redid mine with a friend last year for under 100$.
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