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The Blackfire Professional Detail bag is available from for $59.99. It occasionally goes on sale. I purchased this bag to store all my supplies in one place. The following review details the features and my opinions.

The bag is made from water resistant 600 denier nylon canvas. With the exception of the outside pockets, there's padding inside the nylon. The dimensions are 21" L x 12" x 12" H making it large, but not huge. The zippers are large seem durable. The bag has an overall good quality feel to it. A shoulder strap is included, but for the sake of your shoulder I wouldn't recommend using it. All my stuff in it weighs 31 pounds. The long term durability of the shoulder strap with that much weight hasn't been tested, but I am leery of it holding up over time.

There's a zippered mesh pocket on the top. This isn't very deep, but I was able to fit a mini wheel brush in there. It is possible to squeeze a regular size wheel brush in there, but over time a hole would likely wear in the mesh.

On the outside, there are three velcro flap pockets in the front. Shown below, left to right, are a bag of 20 nitrile gloves, two pads, and two foam wheel applicators. The flaps easily close on all three. This style pocket would be convenient for frequently used, or oversized items...just tuck the flap in the pocket and leave it open.

On the back side are three more pockets, but they zip inside of velcro. Shown below are two containers of clay, a lug nut brush with 10 spare foam pads, and a carpet brush. I appreciate having the velcro and these zippered pockets. These are nice for smaller items that may be prone to falling out.

The two sides have elastic mesh pockets. Each will fit a bottle of Blackfire TPNS or Collinite 845. Below I put some random tools in them.

The top opens to a cavernous interior. Below are all my supplies stuffed inside. It may be hard to tell from the angle of the picture, but there is room for another 5 pads and a couple microfiber towels.

Underneath the top flap are storage pockets for masking tape and small detail tools. I didn't have tools small enough to fit.

There are two large pockets inside. Each can hold a 32oz bottle. A few more pockets like this would be nice on the inside.

Also inside are a few velcro wraps, designed for extension cords. I didn't have any handy and stuck a bottle of Collinite 845 and a mini wheel brush in them for illustration. I'm not a pro and don't lug extension cords around. Even so, to me these are a waste and will never get used.

Below you can see everything I had in the bag. Again, I could fit a bit more in, but that's all I own (for now :)). At the very least, five more pads, a couple microfiber towels, and more little stuff in the outside pockets.

Overall this is a great bag with tons of storage.
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