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Hey y'all I suppose I might not be the smartest person for wanting to make a 15 year old family sedan look nice, but I'd be interested in trying to find some nice quality HFP replica lips/side skirts for my 07 v6 4d sedan. I know most places would've discontinued these things a long time ago but I know you can still find some on ebay, i just dont know if they're the same quality and if they'd be fit for my sedan vs the coupe that HFP tailored to. In terms of the fog lights i know installation is a little iffy but much easier on the 7.5s vs the regular 7th gens. Also for my headlight question, I found these great looking switchback sequentials on both amazon and ebay, but dont know if they're up to quality standards. I dont want chinese junk or something like that. Already got wheels on the way and might throw some springs/coilovers on it, call it a build for the daily since I'll get a second fun car next spring. Looking at Mustang GTs for that, but I love my accord so it'll stay as the daily.
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