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Hey Everyone,

I'm John, currently in Cincinnati, OH but grew up in the Chicagoland area.

Just picked up a 2006 Accord Sedan 4cyl Auto from my future father in law as a reliable daily driver as my previous car became less and less ideal to daily drive (more info below on that car). Its already tinted and first mod was to install a Grom USB adapter for iPhone/Android integration. I'm looking to make this a fun daily while keeping the luxury of a fuel efficient comfortable daily driver, like anything though I cant leave it completely stock.

Plans for the beginning include the following
OEM rear trunk lip spoiler
Hybrid Tails
TL Rear Sway Bar
Window Visors
Kicker L7+Memphis Amp (already in my possession, will need to build a box)
Fog Lights
Plastidip front grille black, leave emblem chrome
Wheels/Tires (something bigger)
Sport Springs or Coilovers

I'm sure there are more things that I will want to do as time goes on and new ideas pop up. I'm certainly open to other suggestions for mods as well if there are easy/simple things to do to drastically improve the look of the car from the exterior or functionality from the interior.

The reason I bought this car is because my previous vehicle of 5 years became less and less dailyable over the years. Coilovers and 35 series sidewalls are not ideal for MidWest roads.

Those are just a few of the Volvo, basics of it are listed and lots more info on my "home" forum for that car.
98 S70 T5 Auto
D2 Coilovers
18x8.5 Carlsson 1/6 with 215/35-18 tires
Intake/Exhaust/Tune (18psi)
"R" Bumper with Lip Spoiler
Volvo C70 "Jewel" headlights

Always open to ideas/comments and I'm sure I'll peruse around and read up to learn a bit more about my new car and what all is popular/recommended in the Honda community.


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Welcome to DA! Congrats on the Accord and sick Volvo! :dude:

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What's up John? Welcome to DA Forums. Benz wheels on the Volvo?
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