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I recently purchase a 2009 Accord Coupe for my son. There seems to be an issue with the brake pedal feeling mushy and travelling a good bit, sort of....when I press the brakes, I can feel them grab initially but sort of let off while the brake pedal travels down until the car stops. Also it only does this going forward. The brakes feel normal when applying them in reverse. We bled the fronts, took it for a drive and noticed that nothing changed. Then we bled the rears and re-bled the fronts until the fluid was somewhat clear. Initially, the fluid was brownish from all lines. After all of this, there was no change. A few days ago, I thought the front pads were worn and was causing the brake pedal travel, but they weren't that bad.
There does not appear to be any leaks from the master cylinder or anywhere else that I have noticed. Before we started to bleed them, the master cylinder was at the full mark.
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