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Brake Rotors - OEM or Aftermarket

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My 2012 Accord had original OEM rotors and brake pads until it developed pulsation at 45k miles. Had a panic stop on the interstate and held the brakes down in stop and go interstate travel with 30-40% pad life so not a ton of thickness for heat dissipation.

I replaced with AC Delco rotors with Akebono Pro ACT on fronts. On Rears I have had Centric 120 premium rotors with Akebono Pro ACT pads and Autozone Duralast Gold Pads and Rotors on the rear (black coated rotor). Had to switch from centric/akebono to duralast when I had a hung caliper piston on rear.

The front axle is noisy with the AC Delco Rotors and Akebono. Only I can hear it inside the cabin but there is a squeaky clean sound when brakes are cold if you let off the brakes slowly like modulate the brakes. I never noticed this noise with OEM Rotors and Pad (they just developed pulsation at 45k miles) OEM setup was extremely quiet.

I want to go back to OEM pads for quietness sake - Akebono stop much better. I know I definitely need a cross pattern machined Rotor.

I'm not sure if I should go Centric 120 rotors or go back to OEM rotors to pair with the OEM brake pads. I also noticed the OEM brake pads gave off a red dust... not sure if anyone else noticed that?

I'm afraid aftermarket rotors like Centric 120's or Duralast Golds (only coated on hat and veins) may lessen the life of OEM pads? Not sure if that's a valid worry?

The OEM rotors seem super soft - Grooved after 5 years of aggressive driving 2013-2018 and pulsation occurred after a panic stop and held brakes on stop / go interstate traffic. Or the OEM brake pads are more aggressive than Akebono Pro ACT pads - not sure?

*I've also had brembo coated rotors and akebono pro ACT on fronts and the squeaky clean sound was extremely awful with that during a cold setup - I mean if you creep off the brake pedal so slow and you get it to groan at you (when cold, first stop etc).
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I always use Wagner or Brembo rotors. Never had an issue, also great long life.
Lots to be said for bedding brakes properly. Smooth rotors are just as good as cross hatched rotors. Break in procedure below is what i follow, never had issues with our brakes other than normal wear.

Also remember to lube your calipers properly while your there, clean well lubed calipers save lots of troubles.

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