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When my ride arrived from US I was devastated with the the look of her rims - The lady who preowned her must have visited all the curbs in her area... All four wheels looked like this one all the way round:
Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel Plant

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Synthetic rubber Table

In the beginning I thought of refurbishing them myself but the scale of damage made it impossible - the scratches were too deep and needed welding which had to be done professionally. It wasn't cheap but for less than the price of two I got four wheels that not only look perfect but also match the color of the grill:
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Hubcap

They also change their shade depending on the angle you look at them from. At times they may appear black:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

The only problem you can guess was the color of the center wheel caps - the chromed honda logos didn't match:
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

They couldn't be powder coated so I had to spray them with tinted clear. I used a Motip spray meant for tinting llights but first things first I had to take them off. In case you need to do the same, be extra careful - the tabs are easy to break so push and squeeze them slowly. Firm as they seem, they are not glued:
Car alarm Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design

Next I sprayed them with regular clear. Here is the result. If it holds through the winter, I will consider spraying my window trims, all the badges, and chromed parts in the same way. I will also have the door handles and wheel lugs powdercoated to match the parts mentioned.
Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tire Motor vehicle

Plant Automotive tire Alloy wheel Art Hubcap

The car is dirty but it seems a good start to make it less shiny even if I don't want to dechrome it completely:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

The winter wheels look so good that they made me think of renewing my summer Niche's which have matt finish. They look great when clean but are extremely difficult to keep them like that. What's more, they started to peel arround the lug holes for no visible reason. I feel tempted to spend some more money:rolleyes:.


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Out here Iin Los Angeles I was able to buy a brand new set of these rims and tires for only 800.00, these deals are all day long in our local OfferUp and Craigslist ads, you might wanna check up n your local OfferUp listing. Peace
Bear in mind that most American sellers (it seems the official policy) are rather unwilling to ship their goods to Europe, at least to its Eastern part. What's more, shipping costs of bigger items make such import economically unviable.
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