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I purchased a 2103 EX with 78,000mi. on it back in 2018 for my kids as well. Right now, it's at 110,000 with no issues other than the rear rockers rotting (New England car). Thus far, the only money that I had put into it was for new rear calipers and brakes all around, one tranny drain/refill, and new tires. The car still drives perfectly. Other than the Carfax report I knew nothing about the vehicle, and it has not been babied. We've had four Hondas with CVT's. Previously, I had a 2015 CR-V since new that was traded in @110,000 miles w/o an issue, and I/we were not easy on it as well...not one transmission related issue at all! A lot of people are going to poo poo the transmission, but it has a solid history, and unless you're gonna mod the vehicle with insane power it'll serve your kid fine, and it'll probably fare no worse than any other transmission (unless your kid drives recklessly with it).
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