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I thought I fixed my low rev/ vibration issue but obviously not.
When the car is warm from driving I get an RPM of about 550-600 which also gives me some not so nice vibrations. This only happens then the car has been completely stopped for at least 2 seconds, Such as stopping at a light. It only happens in gear, D or R, with the brake on, either foot or handbrake it doesn't matter.
I took it to the dealer to have them check the engine and trans mounts. They come back 1 hr later and they say they all look good and they didn't feel any vibes...???

I looked in the service manual for the process to check the front vacuum controlled engine mount. The vacuum from the solenoid is between 20-22 inhg. It also changes to 0 with revs. Solenoid seems to be working fine. The mount holds vacuum well with no change after a few mins.

So according to the service manual when the vacuum line going to the mount is removed from the solenoid (or vacuum is released using my mityvac) the engine should change in idle smoothness. If the vacuum is at 20 when Idle the mount is working and should be smooth. when engine is revved the vacuum is released and the mount functions without vacuum.

So since my car does not change its vibrations with or without vacuum I think the mount is bad and should be replaced.
Dealer did not buy this argument.

Can anyone who has a 2008-2011 I4 check to see if they get increased vibes when the top vacuum hose is removed from the mount solenoid? It is down and left from the oil dipstick in the pic with three tiny dot next to it, little rubber boot on top. there are 2 hoses coming out towards the front of the car. remove the top one going to the mount and please check if there are and increased vibrations. Thanks again


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well there should be a change in vibration.

if the mount holds 20" vacuum for 20 sec and is not torn start the car. release the vacuum and reapply it.

you should be able to feel a noticeable change in vibration as you apply and take away vacuum. it may not be as noticeable as you like, but noticeable.

if you do feel it then you need to investigate the electrical portion of the system. is the solenoid receiving power and ground from the computer and even working? are there any vacuum leaks in the piping?

you may want your car to vibrate less but the fact of the matter is it's a 2.4L 4 cylinder. anything over 2.0 L is prone to vibration because it's unbalanced. the engine has a balance shaft assembly bolted to the block driven by a secondary timing chain to attempt to balance it's natural imbalance. for what it's worth the engine is pretty smooth considering what it is. the '13 accord is even more refined.

idle in P or N is 800 +-50rpm, warm, with or without an electrical load on. in gear it will be lower because the car wants to save fuel. catch 22 - want vibration free but also want fuel economy. it is what it is. otherwise bring it to me in Chicago and i'll check it out lol
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