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I just bought a new (non-Apple) music player with a line out jack. I connected it to the AUX jack, but I get no sound. The Accord HU seems to be looking for an iPod. I don't want to control the player, just pass the output to the HU. I didn't see anything in Settings related to the AUX port--am I missing something, or does the port only work with Apple products?


Solved my own problem. When I plugged the cable in and hit the AUX button, the on-screen display said "iPod" and "Not connected". By cycling through the Sources on the steering wheel, though, I eventually got an OSD display of "AUX" and "Audio In". Works fine now.

Incidentally, my new player plays hi-res FLAC files and has its own integrated amp inside. My stock audio system now sounds fantastic! I've got more volume, solid well-defined bass, and all kinds of soundstage that was missing before. I can't crank the volume above 22 without hurting my ears. Makes me wonder about the built-in players and pre-amp.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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