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car starts then turns off please help

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I have a 2008 honda accord i4 i accidently touched a positive to the frame now my guage cluster doesnt come on. The car starts for like 3 seconds then turns off please help me.
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I would check all fuse blocks to make sure there are not any blown fuses. If the engine starts and runs I would be looking at the fuel pump fuses and relays. You may want to disconnect the negative cable from the battery to reset the ECU .

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I disconected the battery and still. I have a full tank of gas
I suspect you blew something out in the charging system, but it's not something I can diagnose.
Open fuse box under hood and unbolt long multi fuse and check to see if any of the links are blown. Held down by 8mm screw.

38232-TA0-A01 014 001 FUSE, MULTI BLOCK (D-2) 18.58 13.01
Well I'm guessing you have fixed this by now. It's definitely a fuse. Probably the driver side under dash fuse box. Just pull them one by one until you find the culprit and replace it with a fuse of the same value.

The fuses are there for a reason, it's quite unlikely you have really damaged anything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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