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Car turn off after a while in Parking/Netural

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I have faced a Problem in my Honda 2005 Automatic, I started my car in Parking, after 15 Minutes, I saw that it was turn off.
i started Car again with no problem.

Same problem happened yesterday but i was on signal and my car was in Neutral state.

i feel no other problems.

Car runs with : at Parking/Neutral - 800 RPM at Drive- 600 RPM
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any one
Never heard of it

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I am not an expert on this but here are my thoughts....

1) Your car may need to "re-learn" its idle procedure. Do you know the idle re-learn procedure (especially if your battery was disconnected or your throttle body was disconnected)? From member "robbiej":

Do the idle learn procedure whenever you do any of these actions:

-replace ECM/PCM
-Reset ECM/PCM
-Update ECM/PCM
-Replaced or disconnected battery
-Replace or clean throttle body
-Disassemble the engine or the transmission


A. make sure all electrical items (a/c, audio, lights, etc) are off.

B. turn the ignition switch ON (II), and wait 2 seconds.

C. Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 3,000 rpm without load (in park or neutral) until the radiator fan comes on, or until the engine coolant temperature reaches 194 F (90 C).

D. let the engine idle for about 5 minutes with the throttle closed. (NOTE: if the fan comes on, do not include its running time in the 5 minutes.)

2) It could also be your idle air control valve (IACV). It may need to be cleaned and perhaps replaced.

3) Wondering if you need to clean your Mass Air Flow Sensor and your throttle body.
Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) cleaning
Seafoam cleaning
Throttle Body cleaning
Member “golftango” excellent write-ups click below:

4) Check the air intake hose to make sure there are no cracks. You may have to gently flex it to see if there is a hairline crack. There are a few DriveAccord members that had cracked intakes and had to really look to find those cracks.
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Perhaps your alternator is dying and causing your car to shut off?
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