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Cd player wont play second half of any cd

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I am having a very strange problem with my cd player in my 2004 Honda accord ex with Nav. No matter what cd I put in the player, the player will only play up to around track 6 then stops playing and ejects the disc. I preformed the audio self diagnostic test and everything came back ok. I also bought a lens cleaning disc and it had no affect. I can load up to 6 cds at a time and have no issues switching between discs or loading/ejecting them. The only problem i have is playing them about halfway through the cd. Any thought?
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Get an ipod/aux input and you will soon forget what a CD is.
There could be some dirt or anything lodged in the Len's travel path. I would second what toshbar said. I'm the kind of person that's irked just knowing that something doesn't work right, I replaced my CD changer because it wouldn't even come up in CD mode. After getting ipod adapter I've never used it.
Whatever you do, don't spend a lot of money to fix it- as CD players are on their way out as the auto's music delivery system.
Already ordered the adapter for aux input. Should have been here a few days ago. Me being an aircraft mechanic, if something doesn't work right it bothers me..... the only thing I can think of is that there is something obstructing the lens travel but without ripping it apart I don't know.....hopefully the aux adapter will go in smoothly and ill never have to use the cd player again. Thanks
nickel: Are you burning CDs or are these "store bought" CDs?

If you are burning them, what speed are you using to burn them? The slowest speed I hope?

If you are burning them, are you ensuring a "gap" between songs so that the player properly reads it?

CD players get old and worn down a little just like anything else (except The Terminator) and may not read what it used to.
I'm not sure how multiple CD players are like, but can you shoot some compressed air into it to dislodge the debris? Use a can or an air compressor. Can't hurt to try. I did it on an alarm clock a few years ago and it's been working great ever since.

Sorry, ever since I got an ipod and an auxillary input adapter I pretty much put all my cds in a box in the attic for my children to discover one day. I actually labeled the box, "Your Inheritance" :)

It's really easy putting in the adapter. Just get some gorilla duct tape and secure it somewhere so it won't ever rattle. If you decide to use something like cardboard or foam to cushion, dampen or wedge it, be mindful the car/radio can get very hot on summer days. Insulated flame retardant insulation (heater duct type) is a better choice if you go this route.
All the cd's I have tried are store bought. I do not burn cd's at home. I removed the entire unit and shot it with compressed air to hopefully clear any dust on the lens mechanism. It still is acting up. However, I did install the aux adapter today (which only cost me $60 and about 25 minutes to do) and now the Cd player seems to be working fine (for now). Who knows...not like I am ever going to use the cd player again now that I have aux input.
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