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Cd player wont play second half of any cd

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I am having a very strange problem with my cd player in my 2004 Honda accord ex with Nav. No matter what cd I put in the player, the player will only play up to around track 6 then stops playing and ejects the disc. I preformed the audio self diagnostic test and everything came back ok. I also bought a lens cleaning disc and it had no affect. I can load up to 6 cds at a time and have no issues switching between discs or loading/ejecting them. The only problem i have is playing them about halfway through the cd. Any thought?
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There could be some dirt or anything lodged in the Len's travel path. I would second what toshbar said. I'm the kind of person that's irked just knowing that something doesn't work right, I replaced my CD changer because it wouldn't even come up in CD mode. After getting ipod adapter I've never used it.
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