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2006 accord 2.4L automatic any ideas for the repair? was told it could be the ECT sensor.
Meh, not always. Could be your O2 sensor faulty wiring.

Taken from other forum.

This code is at times related to a bad cat. The first item on the trouble shooting list is the Engine Coolant Temp sensor. This tell the computer the temp of the engine and adjusts the fuel to match the temp. If this sensor is reading low then you get more fuel than need. Part of that fuel is not burnt completely and then will trigger a cat code. Fairly cheap and easy fix. This is not the sending unit for the temp gauge in the dash. I would still look at the other items on the trouble shooting list. Making sure the wiring to the O2 sensor is not damaged is a fairly easy check. I had a mechanic do a clutch job and they had wrapped the sensor wire around the EGR tube. Burnt the insulation off the wires in short time. They did install a new sensor at no charge.

P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) Indicates Bank 1 catalyst system efficiency is below the acceptable threshold.
· Malfunctioning ECT/CHT
· High fuel pressure
· Damaged exhaust manifold
· Cylinder misfiring
· HO2S wiring concerns (shorted or chafed, bent pins, etc.)
· Damaged exhaust system pipe
· Damaged muffler/tailpipe assembly
· Retarded spark timing
Damaged Catalytic Converter:
· Use of leaded fuel
· Oil contamination/consumption
· Silicone contamination (sealants/cleaners)

P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2) Same as DTC P0420, but opposite bank. See Possible Causes for DTC P0420
Hopefully this gets you on right track! :thmsup:

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