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Patrick Casavant, [email protected] 416-985-5987

Superb work, he was the top installer at a 3M shop for Downtown Porsche in Toronto and has 10+ years of experience, he told me he has a printer/cutter that he can do pre-cut kit too for price sensitive customers.

He did my summer toy car in my garage 1.5 years ago, worked 7.5 hrs straight, no lunch break even when I offered to get a sub on me, IMHO you can't find a better and easier person to deal with, and the quality of work is just phenomenal.

I had discussed this work with a well known high-end outfit when I was looking for a competent installer, had a such a poor experience I will NEVER go to this other place even if I win a big lottery and need clear bra work done on a super car that I would buy.

Patrick WILL be my de facto choice for clear bra work, I am absolutely amazed with how indistinguishable the filmed area and OEM paint area, the custom job he did on my car have all pieces hand cut to fit the panels with edge of film wrapped around sheet metal and tucked in so well that it is just about invisible.

Apparently he also do advertizing vinyl wrap too, but I didn't ask too many questions on that aspect since that was not my need.

Patrick just did a custom front clip covering job on my sister's brand new 2014 Lexus RX-350 toda, she was amazed when I pointed out to her how indistinguishable between the filmed and un-filmed area.

Thought to give Patrick a shout-out if anyone in the GTA area is considering the clear bra for their cars.
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