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What an odd day.

This morning, as I started the car, of course the heat was on, from the last time I used the car.. So naturally since I don't want cold air blowing in my face as the car is warming up, I go to turn the fan speed dial to OFF.

To my surprise, the fan stayed on, at the exact same speed.
I turned the car off, and started it again, which did absolutely nothing. Still had air blowing out of the air vents.

Drove the car my normal commute and the fan stayed on whenever the car was on. I was also unable to change the air direction. Basically the climate control was completely nonfunctional.

Odd thing is, I just went to go check, and it works fine now.. As if nothing ever happened..

Do you guys think this is just a one time glitch? Or is this a sign of something?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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