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Clock issue beginning January 1, 2022

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Just noticed today my clock jumped ahead and hour and when I go to clock adjustment to change it, it doesnt change after i adjust the time. Tried turning the auto timezone and auto dst off and on made no difference. I drive a 2011 exl coupe with navi. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
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Same with mine....2012 EX-L W Navi. Couldnt figure it out!
7th gen means 2003 to 2007 Accords. There is no syncing of the car's clock to anything at all, the clock displays just the time, no year, no date.

You must have an 8th gen Accord
So do our clocks in the 8th Gens use the Navi satellite to set the you know? If yes, an updated NAVI disc wont help at all IMO
So I was actually in my car at 6am EST (was in South Florida) and drove it all day long until midnight to Northern Ohio. My wife 1st noticed the time change around 6pm, if that makes any difference. I know at 6am the clock was CORRECT.

It was some time around 6-8pm that the clock error happened. Not sure if that helps figure a fix or not.
After working fine all summer, I got into my car this AM and the clock has reverted back to 1 hour early. How all of a sudden is this back to showing the wrong time again?
1 - 4 of 143 Posts
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