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Clock issue beginning January 1, 2022

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Just noticed today my clock jumped ahead and hour and when I go to clock adjustment to change it, it doesnt change after i adjust the time. Tried turning the auto timezone and auto dst off and on made no difference. I drive a 2011 exl coupe with navi. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
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2007 Accord Touring with navigation and latest disk installed Feb. 2021. Purchased new no repairs or modifications and it advanced the clock one-hour New Year's Day, 2022. Cannot change the date or time through the system. Removed the disk, cleared the system using the three left buttons held down together and using that menu. Reinstalled the disc but problem is still present. Tried a number of other things but no luck. Next move will try clearing the system and installing a previous disk but doubt that will work as the problem must be with the system and 2022.

Hopefully the 2022 disk will have a fix.
1 - 1 of 143 Posts
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