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Clock issue beginning January 1, 2022

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Just noticed today my clock jumped ahead and hour and when I go to clock adjustment to change it, it doesnt change after i adjust the time. Tried turning the auto timezone and auto dst off and on made no difference. I drive a 2011 exl coupe with navi. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
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"Me too..." my 2012 Accord EX-L with navi exhibits the same symptoms. This is definitely a bug, not a hardware failure.

So if the fix will be available in August (as others have indicated), that probably coincides with the annual release of the map updates -- and why Honda customer service is giving that date.

But I'm questioning if there WILL be an update, because with the 2021 update, there was this disclaimer: "This 2021 Map Update will be the final map update release for this system and will be available while supplies last."

Source: Honda Navigation 2021 White DVD Map Update for U.S.

With the 2013 model year, the navigation system generation changed. I don't know if 2013 and later models are affected by this bug or not; everything I've read so far seems to indicate 2012 and earlier. So 2013 and later will get updates in August, but will 2012 and earlier get updates? I don't have high hopes.

And even if they do relent and ship an update in 2022, it will most likely cost you -- the regular price of the update is $149 (but sometimes they've sent out emails offering a $99 price).
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It sounds like there might be two issues. Some reports indicate the clock reset to May 2002; others January 2002.

If it reset to May 2002, this almost certainly indicates a GPS Epoch issue. While the date doesn't align with the GPS Epoch, the observed offset from the current date is -1024 weeks, the length of a GPS Epoch. This suggests that Honda programmed it with a 143 week offset so that:

GPS week 143 = May 19, 2002
GPS week 1023 = March 31, 2019
GPS week 0 = April 7, 2019
GPS week 142 = December 26, 2021

So this particular issue could affect any Honda nav system between 2003 model year and 2012 model year after which the system was rewritten.

Honda says it will autocorrect in August. I don't buy that. The time will appear to be correct when we enter Daylight Saving Time (2nd week of March in the US) but will then recur with the clock displaying an hour behind in August when the system thinks it will have moved to standard time.

For the systems that reverted to January 2002, that's likely a separate bug. I don't have an answer for that, except that maybe it's a Y2K22 bug similar to Microsoft Exchange, and because the integer can't begin with ‘22...’ it's somehow dropping the leading 2 and rendering it as ‘02...’ but I haven't done the math to see if that makes any sense.
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