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"Me too..." my 2012 Accord EX-L with navi exhibits the same symptoms. This is definitely a bug, not a hardware failure.

So if the fix will be available in August (as others have indicated), that probably coincides with the annual release of the map updates -- and why Honda customer service is giving that date.

But I'm questioning if there WILL be an update, because with the 2021 update, there was this disclaimer: "This 2021 Map Update will be the final map update release for this system and will be available while supplies last."

Source: Honda Navigation 2021 White DVD Map Update for U.S.

With the 2013 model year, the navigation system generation changed. I don't know if 2013 and later models are affected by this bug or not; everything I've read so far seems to indicate 2012 and earlier. So 2013 and later will get updates in August, but will 2012 and earlier get updates? I don't have high hopes.

And even if they do relent and ship an update in 2022, it will most likely cost you -- the regular price of the update is $149 (but sometimes they've sent out emails offering a $99 price).
I have a 2008 Accord V6 3.5L and having similar issues (but not exactly the same). Up until Wednesday 23/02/22, everything was good. However, I had to replace the alternator and what do you know, now the nav doesn't connect with the clock. The clock is more than 3 hours ahead and the calendar has reverted to 2002. Similar to others when I try to change the clock on the nav system, it just reverts back to 12.00am. I called Honda and they told me to bring it in for a diagnostic- $165 AUD mind you. Nobody mentioned this known error.
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