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Hey! I'm confused.
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Hey guys, I have a 2003 Accord I4 MT, ~194k kms. I've owned it since ~150k. I'll preface this novel with the following: it has always had a rather "stiff" clutch. A co-worker has the same car, and he didn't notice it being particularly stiff, but I don't know if there's some after-market performance clutch in there or what.

So the other night I was driving along, pushed the clutch in when I heard a pop sound close to the firewall, the clutch lost all pressure and it wouldn't go into gear. I managed to drive it home without the clutch and carefully timing the lights - luckily it was late and not many drivers on the road. After I parked and let it sit for a few minutes, I saw a small pool of fluid just behind the front driver's side wheel.

So I used the mechanic I've used in the past, good guy. He figured it was the slave cylinder. While I thought it was something with the hydraulic system, I was skeptical it was the slave because it had no sign of leaking and it didn't fit the location of the hydraulic fluid on the pavement or pop that I heard. But I didn't put up a fuss, I'm not an expert. The slave didn't fix the problem, but it did exacerbate the problem - eventually the whole system couldn't hold any pressure and the master was the next logical step. So the other day he replaced the master, which didn't fix the problem either. The car still couldn't go into gear. However the clutch master did have a broken bolt on it, which explains the pop I heard and the hydraulic fluid I saw the night of failure. He said it's probably a throw bearing or something and that I need to get it to a trans shop. I decided to bleed the system myself, and I encountered a LOT of air in the system.

After meticulously bleeding it until no more air was in the system I gave it a test and hey! it went into gear!! I decided to give it one last bleed just to make sure, so I packed it up and tried to move it ahead. To my utter disappointment, it didn't go into gear!! So now I'm thinking that I've got a leak in the system somewhere else.

-could there be another leak? Maybe at the master side? I was bleeding it at the slave the whole time.
-it's going into the trans shop tomorrow morning...should I push them hard to look at the hydraulics?
-what else could it be? Any ideas?

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