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I didn't see much info on the specific issue I've encountered before posting. If I did miss the thread I apologize in advance.

I have a 06 v6-6spd. 143K mi. A few days ago I drove to work with no apparent issues, upon leaving I was able to get the car into gear back out, and drive a 1/2 block to a stop sign. went to put the car back in gear, but the clutch wouldn't disengage.

Got it towed to my house and did the basic diag on it. no visible leaks on inside or outside of the master. The slave also looked good. When the pedal is depressed the push rod from the slave is moving the release fork.

I did a good measure pressure bleed on the system just in case, no air in the system. The pedal is firm before and after the bleed, but the issue still persists.

I'm starting to consider something internal (say the pp) is shot, but I'd like a second opinion b4 I pull the trans again. I replaced the clutch assembly (clutch disc, pp, tb, and the slave) at 99K miles and haven't had any issues til recently. The flywheel is the original. It was still within spec with normal wear at the time of the clutch replacement.

Thanks for your input.
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