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Got Tein Street Basis Coilovers 2 weeks ago and after the install I noticed a squeaking sound that has gradually gotten worse. At first it was over some uneven bumps or curbs but now it is when I pretty much move at any angle. Very annoying. Checked all bushings for lubrication and sprayed lithium white grease as everyone refered me too. I checked all bolts to make sure they were tight after settling. Not sure what it could be.

NOTE: only heard on right front and back. Mostly back side.

EDIT: went to my buddy and he said that it is the rubber shock obsorber that is too far up and needs to be pulled down before the install in which we did not do. Going to try this and hepefuly fixes.

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I went down this path too with Flex Zs. You'll need adjustable end links since the factory ones are too long for much of a drop and they'll put pressure on the swaybars on bumps/uneven surfaces , making them squeak.

For the fronts, you can use Whiteline ones from the CTR (I'm using these and they fit fine). I tried Godspeed ones since (at the time) they were the only end link that confirmed fitment for Accords but I found their quality was poor (the bolts kept backing off of the links) and I don't recommend them.

For the rears, there's lots of selection. I used Eibach ones.
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