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2017 Crystal Black Pearle Accord Touring
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2017 Accord Touring with OE wheels and rims. My wheels have this light haze all over all 4 but 1 is more severe than the other 3. I have tried, dawn, all cleaner, goof off automotive, clay bar, alcohol, V36 and V34 and even a small amount of gas! V34 looks like it removed some of the lighter stuff so i am thinking of using some more aggressive compund, like V32 or meguiars m105. The OE wheel/rim is the 5 spoke rim:


A body shop has confirmed that it is NOT overspray... I can scrape it off with a credit credit but that scratches my rim. Has anyone used compound on their touring OE rims? Any thoughts about doing this that i am not thinking about? I would use either the V32 or M105 with an orange pad by hand. After this i would use V38 for the polishing phase by hand. I attached a picture of the stuff of the rim.


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