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Hey everyone,

I searched all over and found several threads of people inquiring about a template for a 2009 (2008+) lip spoiler install. The only one I really need is "Template 2" according to collegehills honda install pdf. It is the one that tells you the exact spot vertically (since left to right allignment is pretty basic, even distance on both sides. I really want to get this right the first time as I am using the highest strength VHB tape and there is a good chance I rip paint off or break the spoiler if I have to remove it.

So, if anyone could scan that smaller L shaped template that fits the curvature of the deck lid with the little line where the bottom and top of the spoiler should sit I would be very appreciative.

Part 2 of the thread is because no one will likely have it since they haven't responded so far, I will measure my friends "dealer installed" bolted in lip spoiler and I will provide the measurements for future use.

Hopefully someone will respond, any new tips or pictures of the install not already in the DIY would be great, links would also be aweosme if that template exists in a pdf or similar.
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