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Okay guys so my 95 accord EX is cranking but not starting. It started a few days ago when it got colder outside. The temperature hasnt changed much in the last few days. It started after I was driving it for about 30 mins. It stalled on me. It started right up after that but stalled a min or two later. Both times I was at a stop. Then as I was going down the road the engine was acting like it wanted to cut out on me and then acted normal after 30 secs or so. After a 10 min drive I parked. A few mins later tried to start the car and it wouldnt start at all, cranking but no start. I checked my oil and battery. Oil was low, added more. It started up. The next day I took it to work no problem, until on break I started it up, took it somewhere, came back and parked it. I tried starting it back up about 30 seconds later and it did nothing. After work, once again, it started with no problem. Drove home. Now its not starting at all. I got it to start once and drove 10 feet and it stalled. Wont start back up.

I have looked at the main rely, it looks good.
Got New spark plugs
Gas is making it to the fuel rail.
Checked the CPS/TDC/CYP sensors for resistance, all were about 8.32
I have fuel in the tank
Had the battery replaced
Everything seems to be plugged in
Battery connections are fine
D4 light gave me code 3, 13, and 14 (If anyone could tell me what those codes are, that would help also, I know how to get them but dont know how to look them up)

Thank you guys!

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Code 3: MAP Sensor. Bad wiring or unplugged / bad sensor / boost.

Code 13: BARO Sensor (Atmospheric Pressure). Bad wiring or unplugged / bad sensor.

Code 14: Idle Air Control Valve. Bad wiring or unplugged / bad sensor.

You need to start there. If the problem persists, (and with respect to your "update"), check your fuel pressure. For example, if the fuel pump is malfunctioning and only putting out half the PSI it's supposed to, it may idle fine - but when the throttle is depressed and the engine consequently looks for a greater gasoline volume, the pump may not be supplying enough to keep it running. Sorry, I do not know what the default pressure values are for your car.

Good luck.
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