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Cool story: I called a local Honda dealer over the weekend to inquire about a Honda Hybrid. Here is where it gets really weird. A lady(sales) answers and I ask if this is the Internet salesman and she responds "saleswoman" in a very sarcastic type way like well, this is the "salesWOMAN" very sarcasticly and I simply just let it go as womans lib humor etc and starts to cackle a bit like I said very sarcastilly. after giving the obligatory contact info which I thought would exonerate me as a legit potential customer versus some type of crank caller, she asks me which car I am interested in and I say the Accord. She starts to rattle off some trims, blahblah and asks me which one and I say "nahhh, none of those..the Hybrid"..then I ask about prices and she says I would have to come in for that. well since she is the Internet sales"woman", I ask her to email the price and we can go back and forth until a suitable range was reached and then I would come in..she responds in a quasi-abrasive TONE "There is no negotiating on the hybrid and its MSRP blah blah" Finally, she asks me what form of comms I prefer, email or phone and I say either or pick one..well just then, I had to hang up due to a minor emergency due to some realtors barging in without notice but I thought it would ok and I had to hang up but I would just call her back but I didn't..

Keep in mind, my tone is pretty monotone yet professional throughout because I really want to possibly buy a Hybrid for bragging right of first year cause I am kinda excited.
Well this crazy sales "woman" starts blowing up my phone and starts to text me TWICE saying some crazy things and making blind allegations of False Harassment saying calls are recorded and the police will be called for harassment. Check this out, these are the exact tweets from the crazy internet sales"woman" of John Eagle Honda(beware)

This is the first text:
"This is a place of business, your number has been recorded(which I provided) and will be sent to the police for harassment if you call John Eagle Honda again." (the operative word here being the rape and sodomy of the word harassment)

Text #2:
All calls are recorded and you will be prosecuted if this action(What action, calling a dealer) continues

Both within 5-10 minutes of when call ended and I didn't even get a change to call (her) back properly cause she responded like a total loon.

Nothing else transpired in the phone conversation at all other then what was mentioned above so they have nothing other then a psycho employee but I thought it was hilarious just how schizo this sales"woman" as she wanted to be called was. This is not a rational response from someone who works at a Honda dealer. Can you believe this person even has a job let alone in sales?

I just wanted to warm the people who might ask for the Internet salesman at John Eagle Honda to avoid the Internet sales "woman" cause she might be plum loco if you know what I'm saying. Lets just say we all know the car is new and it will be MSRP but can you believe the way this very unstable employee of Honda reacted which was nothing but inappropriate and unprofessional?! I didn't get her name but I doubt it will be hard to find the sales"woman" at John Eagle Honda of Houston. I know standards for hiring are suspect at stealers but this USED TO BE a reputable dealer with many favorable reviews you can see in your google searches..haha /END
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