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CT ENGINEERING / COMPTECH Now Available @ Throwdown Performance!!!

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More products to be listed shortly! :thmsup:
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CT Engineering Short Shifters shipped! In stock ready to go!
More going out today! These things are extremely high quality and won't disappoint! Awesome paired with Torque Solution shifter bushings and P2R clutch lines!!!
CT Short shifters in stock and ready to ship as well as TS Shifter Bushings and P2R Clutch Lines :)
More CT short shifters shipped!!! In stock! Also have some P2R clutch lines and Torque Solution bushings in stock!!!
More CT Short shifters shipped!!! :)
CT Short Shifters, Torque Solution Shifter Bushings, P2R Braided Clutch lines, all ready to ship!!!
More short shifters and bushings shipped!
More short shifter shipped!
More CT short shifters shipped!
More short shifters on the way!!!!
New order of short shifters in... packing orders! Also, they have been confirmed to work with the 5MT 8th gen accord :)
More short shifters shipped!!!
i wish they had the ice box and sway for the 8th gen =(
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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